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Tune Up for Long-Term Savings

Taking care of your vehicle will help add life to your car and most importantly help with resale value when it’s time to trade. Cars in tip top shape will bring more money than those that need work.

Keeping your car in top running condition is more important than most folks think. With family budgets stretched to the limit it’s sometimes easy to let things go. Especially if your car is running good now and doesn’t seemingly need any sort of work.

Tune ups are not just about changing a spark plug and wires. The good news is spark plugs on later model cars & trucks are rated up to 100,000 miles. The key words being rated up to. That does not necessarily mean they will last 100,000 miles. In fact anything rated up to 100K miles is subject to need attention well before that. Driving conditions, miles on the vehicle, many things will dictate the need for a tune up.

Maintenance is much less expensive than a major repair. So a tune up just to keep your car running at its best is very important. For example, if you drive a lot of miles in stop and go traffic, you might want to speak to our automotive shop about needed items to help your car’s engine run smooth.

When you look at your car like an athlete for example, professional athletes we can all agree eat good and take care of themselves. So tune ups are like vitamins for your car. Clean filters allow your engine intake to breathe clean air. Good oil allows your engine to run free from friction, allows the engine to run at less RPM’s that equals longer engine life and better fuel MPG.

Vehicles have changed so much that guys and gals who work on them are no longer mechanics they are technicians. So finding the right shop to work on your vehicle is just as important as tuning up your vehicle as needed. With computers running just about every aspect of your car, it’s important the person working on it has the technical skills to do so.

Just tuning up the car with a set of plugs and wires is for us gear heads a thing of the past. Yes of course you still need quality plugs and wires. Moreover, your vehicle requires several tunes to keep her running in tip top shape. Having a professional will give you peace-of-mind!